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Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.
B-188 A, Road No. 5,
MIA, Madri,Udaipur -313 003
(Rajasthan) INDIA
Phone : 91-294-3057700
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Tempsens Calibration Centre is an independent unit of Tempsens instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.

We are the only private sector company in the country owning Fixed Point Temperature calibration Laboratory with NABL Accreditation. The lab has highly stable calibration furnaces, measuring instruments and accurate master sensors traceable to National and international Standards. The calibration center functions as per ISO17025/NABL standards.

Calibration of contact and non contact type sensors can be made in temperature range of -38C to 1600C & 50C to 1600C. Further the laboratory offers both in house and on site temperature calibration.
  • One of the best Labs in India equipped with various type of calibration furnaces and measuring instruments.
  • Fixed point cells calibration.
  • Provides best B.M.C.
  • NABL Accreditation
  • Provide on-site calibration
  • Prompt and Fast Services
  • Fixed Point Calibration
      We are first to install fixed point temperature calibration for Triple point of water (Tpw), Gallium (Ga), Tin (Sn), Zinc (Zn) & Aluminum (Al) Cells.
    Fixed points are most accurate devices available for defining a temperature scale. Fixed point cells are designed to realize the liquid-solid equilibrium temperatures of certain high purity metal elements, for calibration of thermometers at ITS-90 fixed points.
  • On site calibration
      Our experienced and trained Engineers go to the site to calibrate the instrumentation, usually without the time and expense of removing and reinstalling them. This saves time and money of customer.
    Our engineers help customers to provide fast and accurate on-site calibration for contact and non contact temperature sensors in temperature range -25C to 1200C & 50C to 1200 with lowest down time.
  • High Accuracy Imported Calibrated Master Sensors:
      Wide range of calibration equipments- set of Dry blocks, Liquid baths along with very accurate temperature sensors.
  • Trained Staff
      Undertaken intensive internal and external training in India and abroad.
  • Simple Temperature Calibration Software
      Dedicated simple and cost effective temperature calibration software which supports Tempsens Calibrators.
  • Computerized Automatic Calibration Report
      Proprietary software is used to generate reports cross checks various fields in the calibration record. When calibration certificates are issued the instruments and the sensors are tested against precise standard parameters regarding the measuring accuracy.
  • Calibration Seminars / Training
      We conduct training and consultancy for temperature solution to cater needs of customers.
  • Continual Innovation
      Upgradation of system & solution continually
    Temperature calibration services from -38C to 1600C for SPRTs, RTDs, Thermocouples, and Pyrometer and Thermometer.
    Calibration Method Two types of methods are used for calibration of temperature sensors, one with fixed point cell and another by comparison method.
    (A) Comparison Method For RTD, Thermocouple, Pyrometer
    (B) Fixed Point - For RTD, Thermocouple
  • NABL Calibration Certificate for Comparison Temperature Calibrations (View Sample Calibration certificate)
        A detailed, temperature certificate designed to meet all regulatory and audit requirements including all ISO/IEC 17025.
  • NABL Calibration Certificate for Fixed-Point Temperature Calibrations (View Sample Calibration certificate)
        A detailed, multi-page temperature certificate that contains calibration data for comparisons to one or several fixed point cells. The calibration is ISO/IEC 17025 compliant and NABL accreditation for fixed-point temperature calibrations .
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