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Calibration Software

The Auto Cal-24 is suite of application which automates the process of calibration.

‘To Err is Human’ is a common saying but with the introduction of new Auto Cal-24 there is no possibilities of error.

The automated system consisting of source, readout and scanner will make the calibration and testing much easy.
  • Automatic controlling of furnace on predefined set points.
  • High Resolution data acquisition upto 8 channels.
  • Compatible for all types of thermocouples and RTDs.
  • Different types of sensor can be calibrated together.
  • Temperature points can be selected for individual sensors.
  • Automatic acquisition of 10 observations for each channel on each temperature point.
  • Automatic calculation of Type A uncertainty as per NABL Standards.
  • Automatic calculation of Type B uncertainty as per the predefined components.
  • Automatic generation of preliminary and final calibration report and uncertainty calculation sheet as per ISO & NABL.
  • to the request for meters, furnaces, masters etc
    Software   Software
    1. Put the test & master sensors in the bath/furnace.
    2. Connect the scanner/meter & furnace to the computer.
    3. The computer sets the bath/furnace at desired temperature.
    4. Wait till stabilization of the source.
    5. Take (10 or more) readings for master, tests and again master. Check for stability. If OK then store the readings.
    6. Go to next point & repeat steps 3,4 & 5 till all the points are completed.
    7. In case the furnace/bath or master or tests cannot complete all the points take appropriate items & start again till calibration is completed.
    8. Report shall be generated automatically with type A, type B calculation & budgeting and calculation of true temperature.
      Procedure of calibration
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